Autumn on the Yellowstone

The colorful fall scene is the very view seen by the artist as he looks out the window of his residence. It is the second of the Forsyth famous murals and is the largest of all. It measures 110 feet in length and 32 feet high. It was two years in the making with one full year spent on the preparation. There were 110 joist slots and seven 7 foot window spaces to be filled before the wall surface was hand ground and treated with filler. It must be mentioned when describing this wall that it was painted in its entirety without the artist stepping on the ground under it. A very unique ladder system was designed by the artist to make this possible.
The more the viewer studies the river the more it appears to be in motion. It reflects the beauty of the fall colors along the river banks. The detail of the pine hills at the horizon includes the “table top butte”, a special landmark in the Forsyth area. The mural, located on Main Street on the Yellowstone Pharmacy building, defines this colorful autumn grandeur of the valley of the historic Yellowstone River.