Rosebud County

Rosebud County is located in South Eastern Montana, split by the Yellowstone River, and includes 15,097 square miles of land area spanning from mid level of the state to near the Wyoming Border. With around 9500 residents, Rosebud County is one of the most sparsely populated counties in the state with over 1.5 square miles per person.  The topography is mostly rolling with small hills. Elevations range from 1500 feet above sea level near the Yellowstone River to 4200 feet in the southern portion of the County near Ashland, adjacent to Custer National Forest. The Northern Cheyenne Reservation headquarters, Lame Deer, is located in Rosebud County.  The county's leading sources of income are from agriculture, tourism, railroad, coal mining, and electricity generation. See more Rosebud County history at county website link on bottom of this page.  

County services and amenities include a Museum, Library, County Fair, Public Health Services, Nursing Home, and Hospital and Medical Services in Forsyth and Colstrip.

The Yellowstone River area offers swimming, fishing, boating, agate hunting and camping.

Rosebud Community Hospital

Rosebud County Fairgrounds
Rosebud County Museum

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