Mountain Springtime

The summer of 2016 found the artist working on the tenth mural in the City of Forsyth, MT.  The Rosebud County Weed District Office was another block building in bad need of repair.  It's location at 110 South 12th street has a notrth wall along a street wtih no sisual obstructions.  It's measurement is 110 ft. in length and 20 ft. high with eleven large display windows.  Five of these windows were filled in flush to the surface and sixx were left for use ot the offices.  
The rural springtime mountain scene was planned to accept the windows by painting buildings around them.  The lush green of the trees and meadow grasses invite area rocks and plants and colorful out buildings to create the mural's depth and persptctive.  A rocky stream enters the foreground from a distant waterfall and empties into a pond of clear water. 
At various locations in the foreground are painted the actual size of many of the dangerous noxious weeds found in our area.  They are for the purpose of identification but are also colorful and add th the illustration as to the depth and beauty of the giant mural.

                                       Bob Watts, Forsyth Artist of Gigantic Murals