The Barn with Charm

The east wall of the Fire Dept. building has three large windows to incorporate into the rural scene. Our travels around the country will depict a variety of old structures which would have a story to tell us. The second floor of this building included a large window that Bob portrays as the haymow opening. Part of the charm that dates the scene is the old buggy parked inside the barn’s open doorway.
The log cabin was added to capture depth while continuing the nostalgic theme. The walk-in door actually extends to the bottom of the wall and is usable by the firemen. The road adds good depth as well, and the artist hopes no one actually tries to drive on it.
Color always adds to the charm and the variety of flowers and foliage completes this sixth mural in Forsyth.

The BRAND WALL, number seven, is not shown as it is an ongoing illustration including livestock brands from the farm and ranch population. The brand inventory is growing fast and has had much attention from our rural friends. You will enjoy this mural along with the others when you stop at Forsyth, MT soon.